About Me

Farid Sa’adatmand is an Iranian musician and composer.

Farid Sa’adatmand was born on the 21st of April, 1976, in Fahadān, the oldest quarter of Yazd city. While a master of Iranian vocal music, his father Hosein Sa’adatmand has been the dirge singer of the great hussainiya of Fahadān since 35 years ago. Farid flourished under the support and guidance of his father. As an adolescent, he was encouraged to enthusiastically pursue music by the national awards he received for solo singing. Sa’adatmand started his musical career by singing, but later he learned how to play the santour as well as the theory of music and the Persian vocal radif under the supervision of Mas’oud Ārāmesh, which led him to the world of music composition.

While engaged in musical activities, he continued with his academic education and majored in mining engineering. The turning point in Sa’adatmand’s career was when he met maestro Majid Entezāmi, who skillfully managed to guide him towards soundtrack composition. He learned the fundamental theory of music as well as the basics of harmony from maestro Farhād Fakhreddini, harmony and organology from Kambiz Rowshanravan, and the combination of poetry and music from Hosein Dehlavi. Loris Hoviān, Amir Mo’ini, Bahrām Dehghānyār, and Houshang Kāmkār are his other masters.

Sa’adatmand’s focus is on Persian orchestral music as well as soundtrack composition. His works have been acclaimed at numerous domestic prestigious festivals.

As of early 2020, Sa’adatmand has created or arranged over 200 worded pieces as well as numerous wordless ones.


  • Composing and conducting the concert Navā-ye Neynavā
  • Composing and conducting the concert Mohammad-e Rasoul
  • Conducting the orchestra of medical students at the 8th International Congress of Medical Sciences